7470 Hoffner Ave, Orlando, FL 32822


Call Ahead For Lane Availability


Summer League


League Benefits

• You can ‘Open Bowl’ anytime for $2 a game
• Receive Priority Lane Assignment when its busy
• Everyone Can Join a League, it doesnt matter your bowling status
• Handicap: Fudging the scores to put everyone on (nearly) the same playing field

Summer League

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

At 6:45pm

Three Point Bowling Center

7470 Hoffner Ave, Orlando FL 32822



Bowling Coach Available During League


All Teams Share Prize Fund Based On Ranking

Date Time Type Team Size Start Weeks Sweep Notes
Thursday 6:45PM Any Combo 3 (three) June 11th, 2015 13 (thirteen) Sept 3rd, 2015 San/HDCP

League with 10 teams already!
$15 a night with $5 Prize Fund
Any combo team with league approval,
otherwise teams are mixed.