7470 Hoffner Ave, Orlando, FL 32822


Call Ahead For Lane Availability


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    League Benefits

    • You can ‘Open Bowl’ anytime for $2 a game tax included all summer long
    • Subject to Lane Availability and or Lane Sharing with other League Bowler may be required
    • Everyone Can Join a League, it doesn’t matter your bowling status
    • Handicap: Fudging the scores to put everyone on (nearly) the same playing field


    Spring League

    Thursday, Feb 2nd, 2017

    At 6:30pm

    Three Point Bowling Center

    7470 Hoffner Ave, Orlando FL 32822




    All Teams Share Prize Fund Based On Ranking

    Date Time Type Team Size Start Weeks Notes
    Thursday 6:30PM Any Combo 4 Feb 2nd 18 San/HDCP


    $15 a night with $5 Prize Fund
    Any combo team with league approval, otherwise teams are mixed.